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Forum Rules (Updated) 05.05.2013)

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! Forum Rules (Updated) 05.05.2013)

Post  zibeno7 on Sat Dec 15 2012, 09:08

The Founder of Celebs Forum gives you the privilege to share your passion for beauty and divine with others. For this to work properly you have to bring in two little things, they're maybe little but have a huge effect:
RESPECT...treat each other like you want to be treated, no matter what religion, skin color, gender, language or teamcolor!
TOLERANCE...the members of this Board come from many countries and not everyone can speak or write in english as his mother tongue and your own opinion is not always and everywhere the right one!
Acting against just one of this two little things kicks you out of this commmunity in seconds!

By registering at Celebs Forum, you are privileged to contribute in any form you like. However, if we feel this privilege is being abused, you will be warned first, then either penalized, or banned on basis of the following rules.
And be sure...There will be no exceptions.

01) Admins and Mods are always right! Don't try to discuss or argue, you will lose in every way..promised!

02) Doubleaccounts are absoluteley and strictly forbidden and leading to exclusion for lifetime without notice!
03) Absolutely no Porn of any kind and Full and/or Explicit Nudity in an Open Forum! If you're not sure ask a Mod or Admin!

04) Post no Link or content that's against the Law in Poland or your own Country...as for instance Point 05)

05) Strictly no Links, Pictures, Videos, Clips of nude Children and/or nude Underaged. Also no Links to other webspace, to TGP-pages (or something similar) or to warez/filesharing pages.

06) There is a Forum for Members where you can add spicier Posts. But always remember Points 04) and 05)

07) Before you start a new Topic use the Search and/or Google.

08) Post Content only in the appropriated Forums. So read before you post! If you're not sure ask a Mod or Admin!
   Important..Watch your spelling! The best Search is worth nothing if you spell a name wrong!

09) Before Posting: Use the Advanced Search in the Nav-Bar, but not only the Board-Search! Use also the included Google-Search!! - Post in existing Topics, if there any.
Explanation: The Board-Search alone only delivers Topic-Titles by Keywords but no Post-Content! The Google-Search next the first Fill-In will show Post-Content! Be sure to use always a Keyword with at least 4 chars!

10) Use Thumbnails in Groups no full Pictures - add Space between Thumbs.

11) Reposts are not allowed and will get deleted immediately and without notice! The only possibility for a repost is: The Imagehost has deleted the Content and the original Poster is no Member of the Forum anymore! If the original Poster is still Member ask him/her/it friendly and polite if he/she/it can reupload the missing Content!
Explanation: A Repost happens if a Post shows Content thats always existing in a previous Post!! Different size or weight doesn't matter!!

12) Any kind of advertising in Posts or Signature is strictly forbidden and get deleted immediately and will cause a ban.

13) Fakes of any kind will be removed without notice.

14) If you quote a post that contains Pictures it's not necessary to qoute the complete post...1 Picture should be enough!

15) Posts with no meaning or Nonsens will not be accepted by the Staff and will be removed without notice.

16) If you post Celebrity Stuff make sure that a little description is added to the Title, so as Name,Place,Date,count of Content and Size!
Like: Barbie van Barberen - Norhtsoutheastbarbieshire Beach 29.02.2034 x2 (or 2x) S to XXL (or LQ to UHQ)
And a larger description in the post(if available) such as: What profession (Actress or Model etc.). Most known Label she works for,Role in a Movie,Show or whatever!
Color of Hair,Measurements...the important things that anyone would like to know! You don't know how..ask the allmighty Google Smile

17) Add Screenshots to Movies - also Codec and Size and Weight.

18) Don't use usercash, urlcash and any similiar Pay Per Click Hosts. Posts of this kind will get deleted immediately and will cause a Ban! No Cashwhores in this Board!!

19) Comments on Posts and/or Content are welcome! Help to create the Forum...but always stay polite!

20) Add something! Posting Content is not a must but would be nice.

21) Everyone is personally responsible for his own postings!

22) The Board-Language is English,German and Poland!


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