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! Forum Rank (Full Access)

Post  Newsbot on Thu Apr 30 2015, 18:21

I would like to refer new members of the forum, as you can gain rank, you can use the full range of our content Cool

by registering on our forums (thanks for that), unfortunately, you did not get to see everything we offer CF Gif

the best way to enter into force on the forum is to acquaint us, that is: https://celebsforum.forumpl.net/f13-introduce-yourself  , after hearing us, just add 10 own threads in the open categories, to get the first rank of the forum member O.K.

the next rank after "member" is rank "special member" , to achieve it you need to add 200 own topics in this forum. :clap:

rank "special member" gives the possibility to see the full range of "open forum".

the next rank is the "Elita", the possibility of the full range of uses material from the Forum, but to achieve it you have to open 500 own topics for the forums.

rank "vip", receive it only users who are heavily involved in the development forum (access to places not visible to the eye on the forum) Wink  Smile

have the option of adding certain ranks without achieving these requirements, but it depends on the need and commitment of some members.


You can also purchase the right to use the full range of our forum, or buy range "vip" on this forum!! O.K. O.K.

just write a message to the administrator of the board of desire to purchase such a rank, and you get the information you need to make it happen Smile

Number of posts to get a range forum.

- rang "member" - It is added when admintrator considers that you have something to add from each other, or forum wants to help in its development.

200 posts - rang "special member"

500 posts - rang "Elita"

rank "vip" is added by the forum administrators.

All ranks are added after reviewing all posts by a user, by administrators or moderators!!
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